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Name : JosephChurl

Phone : 88544219198

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Message : Hey. My suggestion is in the topic. I’ll just say that all traffic is live

people without repetition. Your advertisement is placed on 15980 high-traveled

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Their attendance is very huge. What kind of traffic: after a visitor

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suitable for international projects. You need

so that your project is placed on a very powerful server capable of

to withstand the load of 6 000 000 – 9 000 000 unique visitors per day.

This advertising is completely safe for any site.

Countries of Asia and not only from which you will get visitors:








Russian Federation


South Korea

Sri Lanka

Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates

and others

I work only on prepayment and accept only bitcoin.

After payment within 24 hours we will launch your advertising campaign and

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Do not ask any questions, all you need to know I said in this


For whom it is expensive or if someone does not like something then pass by,

this is quality traffic and not cheap bullshit from the fiver and similar projects.

Price 9 bitcoins

My telegram: @StevenRich_35799

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