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We offer a listing service for data center equipment, parts and inventory. Listing items for sale in other venues like eBay, Amazon and Etsy can really take a bite out of your bottom line. So we created several membership packages to meet the needs of both low and high volume sellers. Our membership fee is based on a 30 day period, and varies depending upon how many listings you wish to post. Data Center Trade does not charge any final value fees to the seller.

Creating a listing is simple and straight forward.

The “Submit Listing” form is divided in to five tabs. Each tab requests a different set of information which will be used to construct your listing.


  1. Listing Description
  2. Listing Category
  3. Listing Attachments
  4. Listing Details
  5. Listing Location

When entering information in to each tab, you will notice a red astric next to some of the fields.  This red astric denotes that the field is required for your listing to be accepted. Please be sure to complete as many of the fields as possible so that you can best describe your item for sale.

The following section will describe each tab on the listing submission form in more detail.


This tab contains three fields, two of of which are required.

  1. Title: Enter a title of your listing.  Be as descriptive as possible without entering a whole sentence.
  2. Description: Type a detailed description of your item here, being sure to include as many details as possible. Included are a set of tools, located at the top of this field, which will allow you to style the listing to your liking.
  3. Keywords: This field will allow you to add a few keywords to help people find your item when searching.  We recommend adding 3 to 5 good key words, each separated by a comma.


When completing this section you will be presented with a list of available categories.  Please select only “ONE” category.


Each listing requires that you upload at least one image to help describe your item, but you may upload up to five(5).  These uploads are called attachments, and they do not all have to be images.  You must have the one required image, but your other attachments could be other types of files. If you are considering uploading a video, please set up a Youtube account and place the videos there.  The “Listing Details” tab contains a place where you can enter the URL of your Youtube video, so that you may add it to your listing.

Acceptable File Formats: jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf/.flv/.mp4/.mp3


This tab is the heart of your listing.  Here you will define the details of the listing type, starting price, shipping and other details vital to selling your item. Some of the fields are required and some are not. If you do not enter anything in to the optional fields, they will be omitted from the page.

  • Type: Required field. Here you can choose the format for your listing. There are two types of listing formats to choose from, “Auction” and “Buy It Now”.
    • Auction Format: This type of listing will last for the amount of days you specify in the “Auction Length” field. Once the auction time expires, the items goes to the highest bidder. If you specify a reserve price, the highest bid must be the same or higher for the item to be won.
    • Buy It Now Format: List an item using this format if you want a specific price for your item.  There is no reserve price or starting price with this option.
  • Starting Price: Required field.  When listing an item using the auction format, you must choose a starting price of at least $1. We suggest a low starting price to get the bids going.  If you are worried that your item will sell for too low a price, you may set a reserve price for the lowest amount you would accept.
  • Buy Now Price: Required field. Set a price for the user to buy an item outright. When someone clicks the “Buy Now” button, this is the price they will be charged.
  • Reserve Price: Required field. Available for the auction format listing only, this amount should be the lowest price your willing to accept for this item.
  • Shipping Price: Required field. Enter the amount you are charging to ship this item. If you are listing multiple items, you may offer a reduced rate to buyers who purchase more than one.
  • Auction Length: Required field. Select the number of days for your auction format listing. You have several durations to choose from.
  • Condition: (Optional) Is your item new or used? Please select one.


With each listing, you have the option to include a Google map to specify the location of the item.  This feature is great for items which need to be picked up instead of delivered through the mail, and to let your potential buyer know from what part of the world this item will be shipped from. This tab is completely optional.


Once you have completed the five tabs outlined above, you must agree to the “Terms and Conditions” and then click on the “Save Listing” button. Your listing will be submitted, and you will be redirected to the listing you just submitted.  Your listing is now immediately viewable on the Data Center Trade Web site.

If you wish to edit a listing(must be done prior to any bids being made), you may visit the listing directly and click the edit button, or you can access it from your “My Account” page. Once at your “My Account” page, scroll down until you see the “My Website Listing” button.  Click the button and you will be presented with a list of all the items you have listed.


Each item you list will last for the time you specified in the “Listing Details” tab. Once a listing has expired, it will be placed in a draft mode so that you may list it again.

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